“Your presenting and communication skills are exceptional – the pace of speaking is just right enabling employees from countries across Europe to understand everything perfectly.   You make an instant connection with all participants and everybody feels free to ask questions and have them well answered.  Further more your awareness and full understanding of different cultures are making you the best trainer we have ever had.”

– Ola  Aleksandra Chojnacka  – HR Manager, RealNetworks Europe

“Shelley is professional and prepared.  Her background as an executive gives her valuable insights in training situations.   Her students give her very good evaluations and she connects well with them, regardless of which country or culture she is working in.  As a presenter, I think she is exceptional and uses a variety of mediums well.  She can take tested or un-tested material and do a good job of presenting it well.”

– Craig Nielsen PhD, Partner & Chief Learning Officer, Reliantz Group

“A big thank you from my side!  You showed me and us how professional it is to listen and then to work through the message. You are doing a great job and I have learned a lot from your side.  Thanks a lot for this support and help.  Great to work with you!”

– Michael Dolechal, RealNetworks Salzburg, Austria

We had nothing but great comments about your session.  Here’s a particularly eloquent comment:  “I have attended several info sessions, but the one I enjoyed the most is “Why Do Americans Act and Talk That Way?” because of the quality of the information provided and the session’s lecturer, Shelley Morrison. She REALLY cared about the audience, and I believe that each international student understood the most of what she told and tried to convey.”

– Nicole Comforto,  University of Washington Foundation for International Understanding through Students

 “Shelley Morrison was by far my favorite guest, because she is so funny, motivated, and clearly unafraid to fail and/or admit her mistakes. .. there is something about her – enthusiasm – maybe, that made her magnetic.”

–  Senior, Seattle Pacific University Capstone Program

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