Virtual Training

                 90-Minute Virtual Training Primer 

Program Description: This 90 – minute interactive webinar is a primer for those who want to develop skills for designing, delivering and facilitating seminars, workshops, meetings using virtual tools and digital platforms. It will demonstrate live, synchronous virtual training, as well as design ideas for blended learning – using a combination of virtual and in-person training.    This primer will show how to you make your training interactive, keep your participants engaged and assure your learning objectives are met.

Why is virtual importantFace-to-face training and communication is wonderful, but when working globally, virtual tools and skills are essential, and often the only way to be truly inclusive.  For the millennial culture, using digital tools can be the key to credibility and effectiveness. Finally, many clients and organizations are requiring virtual skills and training options.

What we will cover:

  • Key design principles: Focus on what works best for virtual training and blended learning
  • The virtual platform: We will use Adobe Connect for this workshop, but will cover the features, plus pros/cons of multiple platforms
  • Focus on engagement: We will demo and practice all of the following interactive features
    • Creating polls, quizzes, virtual games, whiteboards exercises
    • Presenting audio & video, public & private chat and Q&A functions
    • Using virtual break-out rooms for exercises and small group discussion




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