Welcome to Shelley Morrison Associates

Shelley Morrison - SMA Founder

Shelley Morrison – SMA Founder

Shelley Morrison Associates is a consulting firm specializing in improving idea generation and interpersonal communication across cultures, as well as skill development in marketing, sales, leadership, and team dynamics.  Clients include multi-national corporations, NGO’s, non-profits, schools and universities.

SMA provides workshops and programs on cultural awareness, intercultural and virtual communication skills, negotiation strategies, problem solving and presentation skills.  We create custom programs for live, synchronous virtual training, as well as face-to-face, co-located programs.

The goal of SMA is to help individuals and organizations to create shared meaning across cultures, language, timezones and generations.  In short, to develop levels of competency in professional skills in order to connect, adjust, communicate and collaborate.

(Note:  If you are looking for the Shelley Morrison, born Rachel Mitrani, former General Hospital soap opera star, who was Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun, that is not me.)

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